• Recent survey: Freshwater Zooplankton Cladocera

    To execute quantitative and qualitative survey at appropriate survey points in fresh-water zone where water is not flowing or flowing speed is slow, considering characteristics of species such as floating, benthic or adhesive

  • Vegetation Investigation Using Drones

    The drone has such a wide range of potential applications that it could be a futural data collecting technology for many ecological and environmental research. -Source from KNU-

  • K-Ecohub

    Monitoring, data and research to understand environmental change. We are the Korean long-term environmental monitoring and research programme.

  • International Collaboration (/w ECN@UK)

    The Korea Research Group decided to receive sample data from ECN and continue to pursue technical cooperation such as data operation, data management, and schema review.

  • Supporting environmental science

    Our data are used to detect and understand trends in the environment and in the presence and abundance of plants and animals. We support researchers by providing long-term environmental datasets and well-instrumented sites for field research.